Dano The clown

  • “The best Birthday EVER! Thanks Dano!”

    - Anna, birthday girl

  • "Real quallity family entertaiment!"

    - Jimmy, father of 4

  • "The kids LOVED the balloon animals!"

    - Lisa Doe, Lawyer

  • "Absolutely 100% Amazed by Dano's fire-show!"

    - Gordon Doe, Manager

  • "Energetic, friendly, and extremely talented! "

    - Orman Kent, Police official

  • Welcome!

    Planning your next birthday party? You've come to the right place! Dano's got a whole bag of tricks with your name on it!

    No crowd too big or too small, he does it all!

    Feel free to check out some of his mind blowing tricks in the 'Gallery' page

  • Awesome Juggler
    & Balloon Animal Artist

    Dano has been juggling for over a decade now, and twisting balloon animals for just over half that time.

    His passion for juggling has him trying to juggle everything under the sun! From a regular juggling ball, to pins, rings, knives, or he's even been known to juggle his own clown shoes!

    His long list of available balloon animals is ever growing, and is already well past 30 different animals!

  • Amazing Juggling Tricks!

    Dano has mastered so many tricks, its hard to list them all off! Here are some, just to name a few! The yo yo, Factory, Windmill, Mills mess, Fire juggling...

    For a full list of Dano's juggling tricks, click the link below:

    Find Out More!
  • Fantastic Balloon Animals

    With over 30 different balloon animals in his pocket, Dano is sure to astound both old and young audiances alike!

    Find Out More!
  • Outstanding Fire show

    When the lights go out, Dano's fire torches come out! Sure to gather a huge crowd at any event!

    Dano practices fire juggling professionally, and with care. Every precaution is made before the start of every show to ensure the highest level of safety is guarenteed.

Fantastic Showmanship!

Not shy to the stage, Dano has performed all over North America, in both big venues and street festivals as St Thomas's Iron Horse Festival

Check it out here!

Spectacular Theatrical Arts

Dano is one heck of a performer!
Such juggling tricks as the 'yo yo' are an all time fan favorite for any ages!

Any Age From 3 to 103!

Dano puts on a custom show for every age, No Crowd too small or big, Old or young! There's a young kid trapped in every adult no matter how old we get!


What’s New

172014 JUN

Book Your Next Bday With us and Save!

Always willing to put his customers first, Dano is offering a 15% discount just for saying you've checked out our site!

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222012 APR

Looking for professional Photographer!

Got an eye for great photography? Dano needs your help! He's currently looking for a photoshoot to capture the essence of his art...

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